2018 Election Results

Last night, we had 38 members in attendance at our fall membership meeting and annual election and 23 proxies for a total of 61. The attendance requirement of 44 to make quorum was met.

The results of the 2018 elections for elected officers and board of directors are as follows:

Total votes cast: 65

Board of Directors
Rouge – 57 votes (2 year term)
Jaden – 52 votes (2 year term)
Rein – 52 votes (2 year term)
Zero – 52 votes (2 year term)
Steph – 40 votes (1 year term)
Infinity Rising – 39 votes (1 year term)
Jinx – 38 votes (not elected)

Dov – 12 votes (does not meet the 20% threshold to be elected)

Spike – 48 votes (1 year term)

On behalf of the board and the election committee, we want to thank the membership for their participation, both in person and by ballot and proxy. A special thank you to exiting board members Jinx and Gigi and exiting parliamentarian Ramon, and here’s to the next great year at TES!


Don W & Odile
Elections Co-chairs