Dominant Women/submissive Men's Group

The Dominant Women/submissive men’s Group is a safe, creative and fun place for novices, beginners and experienced alike. Dominant Women can share experiences and learn how to better express their dominance, while submissive men will have an opportunity to be around Dominant Women without fear and be able to feel welcome, ask questions and get answers.

Co-facilitated by Miss L and Johnjon, the DW/sm SIG prioritizes people who identify as femme dominants/tops or masc. submissives/bottoms.

Switches, as well as those who do not identify as the prioritized group but who wish to learn more, are welcome, but please remember to respect the dynamics of the the space.

Our group also welcomes the disabled and those living with physical impairments and/or chronic pain. Although this group encourages consensual participation, all are welcome to observe without obligation to participate.

This group will cast a wide net of fetish and BDSM all through the lens of “Female”-driven power play.

Classes may include:

  • D/s communication
  • Bondage for power expression
  • Dominant archetypes & service protocol
  • Sensory deprivation
  • Pain as power exchange

We will also branch out into fun fetish play such as:

  • Sploshing
  • Gendered crossdressing/fetishwear for your body type
  • Flogging for arousal
  • Electro & medical play basics
  • Body worship & manhandling
  • Sensual Domination for Her/him