TES Organization

TES is run by a Board of Directors elected by the membership. These Directors have been elected to 2 year or 1 year terms, depending on the number of votes they receive. Board meeting are chaired by the Parliamentarian who is also elected by the membership to a one year term and is a non-voting board member. The Secretary and Treasurer are selected by the Board from among themselves. The Arbiter is also elected by the membership. This position is not part of and is independent of the Board of Directors.

The Board is responsible for the overall management of the organization. They are responsible for setting policies as well. Many Directors also take day to day management responsibilities for running various areas of the organization.

TES’ daily operations are run by a group of standing committees, as well as any ad-hoc and special committees the board may create from time to time. Each standing committee has a Chair and a Vice-Chair. There is no requirement that the Chairs and Vice-Chairs be Board members, except for the Chairs of Communications and Finance, who are, respectively, the Secretary and the Treasurer.

For more information on our structure please visit the Bylaws Page.


Organizational Chart


Board of Directors

Officers: Alex, Ann, Doc Clockwork, Gigi, Jinx, meatcandy, Odile, Ramon, Zero
Parliamentarian: MJ
Secretary: Gigi
Treasurer: meatcandy
Arbiter: Spike


Standing Committees

Chair: Don W.
Vice-Chair: Tom
E-mail: bylaws@tes.org

Chair (Secretary): Gigi
E-mail: secretary@tes.org; tes@tes.org

Membership Director: Ramon
E-mail: membership@tes.org

Media Relations Representative: Michal Daveed
E-mail: press@tes.org

Community Relations
Chair: meatcandy
Vice-Chair: Vacant
E-mail: community@tes.org

Chair (Treasurer): meatcandy
Vice-Chair: Vacant
E-mail: treasurer@tes.org

Chair: meatcandy
Vice-Chair: Vacant

Information Technology
Chair: Alex
Vice-Chair: VirCotto
E-mail: it@tes.org

Chair: Jinx
Vice-Chair: Vacant
E-mail: operations@tes.org

Programs and Education
Chair: Gigi
Vice-Chair: D-Artagnan
Email: programming@tes.org

Chair: Odile
Vice-Chair: Vacant
E-mail: promotions@tes.org

Chair: Zero
Vice-Chair: Vacant
E-Mail: socials@tes.org

TES Fest
Chair: Ramon
Vice-Chair: Gigi
E-Mail: chairs@tesfest.org


Ad-Hoc Committees

Chair: Dov
Vice-Chair: Jeff R.
Vice-Chair: Don W. (By-laws)

Consent Matters Project
Chair: Jinx
Vice-Chair: MJ

Site Search
Chair: Vacant
Vice-Chair: Vacant

TES Digital Archives Project
Chair: Hank
Vice-Chair: Vacant


If you are interested in helping out with one of these committees, please contact the Volunteer Liaison at volunteers@tes.org.

More information on volunteering may also be found HERE.



TES Founder
Pat Bond

Emeritus Board Members
Alan, Esq. – Allen I – Bo – Brother Leo – Candy – Catelynn – Dov – Earl – Flagg – Goldie – Hilton – Jeff R – Lady Sabrina – Lolita Wolf – Mark Richards – Marty – Master Jim – Michele – Morgan Lewis, HMQ – Pat Bond – Pete Mosq – Ramon – Sir Guy – thrash