Update: April 25, 2020

COVID-19 and the Status of TES-

TES Tuesdays Now Online, TES Fest 2020 Canceled

Dear TES Members, Friends, and the Wider Community,
We would like to update you on what TES is doing to manage the ongoing COVID-19 situation. As we have previously announced, the TES Board of Directors has decided to postpone in-person events for the foreseeable future. In the time since our initial decision was made, the Governor of New York State has issued stay-at-home and social distancing orders for all NY residents, among other measures. As of this writing, these orders are set to remain in place until at least May 15th.
Given the information currently available, the TES Board of Directors has voted to extend the current hiatus until at least June 1st, with another re-evaluation slated for our next Board meeting on May 14th. We will resume in-person programming when it becomes safe and responsible to do so. Classes previously scheduled between now and June 1st will be rescheduled for a latter date, pending the presenter’s availability. Anything scheduled after that date is currently tentative and subject to rescheduling as warranted. Any in-person TES events listed on any platform are tentative and listed only as a courtesy so that our members and attendees can plan ahead as much as possible, in the event that we are able to resume regular programming.
In the meantime, we are thrilled to announce TES Tuesdays, our new online meetings, hosted by DatingKinky.com. To participate, simply visit https://datingkinky.com/TES-Tuesdays every Tuesday, at 7pm. No additional downloads or software required! This platform is supported by multiple browsers, but if you are having any technical difficulties please try a different browser, as certain settings may interfere. Note that this link will only be active during scheduled meeting times.
You are welcome to participate as actively as you are comfortable. By default, users’ cameras and microphones will be switched off, and you may simply watch passively or participate solely by text in the chat box if you are uncomfortable being seen or heard. Please note that while we have selected this platform to be as private as possible while maintaining sufficient ease of use for participants, no online platform is ever fully secure. While all regular TES rules regarding privacy remain in effect, and anyone caught violating these rules will be subject to consequences (please see our Online Meeting Terms of Service), we advise participants to treat online events as though the event is being recorded by a third party. For more information on protecting your online privacy, please see our online privacy guide.
Please watch this spot for updates on class announcements. We are excited to be able to continue our mission and engage with our community in these strange and difficult times. We will also be evaluating this platform to determine if it is suitable for our Spring Membership Meeting, which has been postponed until we are confident it can be held safely and legally.
Sadly, after extensive discussions and assessment amongst the Chairs of TES Fest 2020, we regret to inform you that TES Fest 2020 has been canceled. This decision was made with the safety and well being of attendees in mind. This was a very difficult decision, but it’s one we believe to be the most responsible course of action given the current circumstances.
Thank you for your understanding and we greatly appreciate your support. We look forward to seeing you at the next TES Fest.
We continue to advise everyone to stay safe and follow all guidelines issued by Public Health Officials. Please stay educated and up-to-date on any announcements from Health Officials as additional information and guidelines are issued. Stay safe, and we’ll see you all on the other side of this thing.
We advise everyone to stay safe and follow all guidelines issued by Public Health Officials. Please stay educated and up-to-date on any announcements from Health Officials as additional information and guidelines are issued. We’ve included a few resources below. Stay safe, and we’ll see you all on the other side of this thing.
Links and Resources

Welcome to The Eulenspiegel Society (TES), a non-for-profit BDSM/Leather/Fetish group dedicated to the social interaction, educational exchange, and ever-changing diversity of our community. TES organizes regular classes, workshops and events in the NY tri-state area. We host 2 educational meetings every week, and occasional weekend workshops, totaling nearly 100 classes per year. These classes include lectures, demos, panels, and hands-on workshops offered by a diverse range of presenters.

Announcing Our Newest

Board Member, Bex

TES is pleased to announce that Bex has been appointed to serve out an interim term on the TES Board. The appointment is a pro tempore one until the next annual membership meeting in October 2020. A professional sex educator, Bex has been an extremely active TES Member, volunteering with Operations (where he has stepped up as Vice Chair of the committee), Socials (where he has stepped up as a Co-Chair), and Dungeon Monitors, as well as presenting for us. We are thrilled to have Bex as part of our Board. Welcome!


If you’re interested in teaching a class at TES, please fill this out.

Special Interest Groups (SIGs) schedule regular meetings on topics that pertain to their Interest.  There have been many different Groups at TES over the years, covering many different Interests.

Brand new to kink or to the NYC scene? TES also hosts regular parties, social activities and munches — Join us at The Novice and Newcomers Munch!  Held every month, this is a great opportunity to meet and mingle in a laid-back atmosphere, before heading out to a party together.