TES Circle

TES started in 1971 with a small group of masochists who would get together and talk about their interests in a circle format. We honor that tradition today by dedicating the last portion of a TES class to have a Circle.  Everyone puts their chairs in a circle and each person is given the opportunity to speak their mind, ask questions or just listen.  The presenter usually stays, so it is a great way to continue discussing the class topic.

We start out by going once around the circle, giving everyone the opportunity to introduce themselves as they see fit. It is okay to just say “pass” or use a pseudonym or say that you are new and exploring. Then after we have gone around once, we have an open discussion on the class topic or anything someone would like to bring up. There is no cross talk allowed so as to keep things orderly, so the people that wish to speak must raise their hands and be called on in turn by the BOD.

Many people share very personal experiences, feelings, and thoughts, and it is requested that what is said in Circle, stays in Circle.  Every Circle is different.

While there may not be enough time to include TES Circle in every class, especially if there is a hands-on portion, TES makes sure to program a TES Circle class once a month.  The entire class time is dedicated to Circle, lead by a hosting Board Member. The Circle may have a theme topic, social mingling component, or guest circle leaders, depending on the Host.