TES is an organization where you, our membership, get a voice in selecting our leadership. Perhaps you wish to step into a leadership role yourself?

Welcome to the 2019 TES Election. The election will take place during the Annual Membership Meeting and 2019 Board of Directors Elections on Tuesday, October 29 at 7:00.

Meet the Candidates night is Tuesday, October 15 at 7:00.

Candidate Statements:

Candidate: Lilith 

Position: Board of Directors

Email: lilith@tes.org

Scene Name: Lilith or EvilGamerX

Hello, my name is Lilith or EvilGamerX if you prefer. I have been in the scene actively for four years, and have served on the TES Board and TES IT for that past year. TES and it’s community has been part of my adventure since the beginning and has made a positive impact on me, I want to give back so that others can get that same connection that I had. I will push for our technological footprint to be more accessible and easier to use for every creature in our community

Candidate: Odile

Position: Board of Directors

Email: odile@tes.org

Scene Name: Odile

Fellow TES Members,

I started volunteering for TES because I was looking for a social group. My second TES event ever was the 2015 Spring Membership Meeting because I was lonely and bored that evening and wanted to be around kinky people. I quickly found that the most fulfilling way to socialize was through service to my new community. I saw needs and had ideas about how to address them. With support from the then-board and other community members, some of those ideas were put into action. Then, after stepping in to fill a vacancy on the board in 2017, I realized that I could be much more effective and efficient as a sitting board member.

In my time on the board of directors, I have chaired several committees and been active in many others. I started both FounderCare and the SWers group, and I serve as the current chair of both Promotions and Programming. Last year, I co-chaired the Elections committee, and I have served on staff for TES Fest in several roles. In the last year, the committees I chair have expanded to include many more volunteers than in the recent past, and Programming is in the process of revitalizing several groups that have been on hiatus. I have also had the opportunity to help develop policies and craft language that has made TES more inclusive and responsive to the needs of our community.

Whether elected or not, I will keep doing what I’m doing because I think it’s worth doing – and I still sometimes find myself bored and wanting to be around fellow kinksters. Sitting on the board just makes it all easier. If you like what my goals and ideas, I ask that you vote for me so I can keep it up and not be quite as sleep deprived as I would otherwise.

Candidate: Tom

Position: Arbiter

Email: toml697@yahoo.com

Scene Name: NA

I am Tom and I am running for arbiter. I have been a TES member for over 13 years. I previously served on the TES Board of Directors for 4+ years where I spent just about all of that time as Treasurer and I served as Vice-Chair of TES Fest from 2012 through 2015. Highlights of my service included re-obtaining TES’ tax-exempt status and stabilizing our finances. I have recently returned to taking a more organized role at TES by being a member of the Bylaw Reform Committee, which has taken a very positive role at making the bylaws a bit more modern and responsive. Professionally I am an attorney.

My past involvement with TES and my professional experience make me qualified to act as arbiter. As responsive and fair as the Board may try to be, there will always be conflicts and grievances over board actions which need resolution. Having been involved with the grievance process in the past as both a representative of grievants and as a member of the board, I understand the process. I believe that my training and temperament will allow me to help resolve conflicts either by brokering compromises or through making fair rulings based upon fair review of facts, statements and making fair applications of law and organizational rules and Procedures.

I thank you all for considering my candidacy and I look forward to hopefully serving you well as arbiter.

Candidate: Mr Sith 

Position: Board of Directors

Email: mrsith@tes.org

Scene Name: Mr Sith

No statement submitted

Candidate: Adam

Position: Parliamentarian

Email: adam@tes.org

Scene Name: Adam

Hi Folks, I am Adam,

I am running for Parliamentarian.  

The role of the parliamentarian for TES consists of;

  • Setting the agenda for meetings.
  • Chairing the meetings.
  • Interpreting the different governing documents, including 
  • ByLaws, 
  • Standing Rules,
  • Roberts Rules.
  • Acting as an officer of the organization.

Each of these aspects can have challenges which tell who we are. 

Sometimes Items need to be included for discussion, even if you disagree with them.  Sometimes you have to point out the bylaws are clear, even if you disagree with what they say.  Sometimes you have to help the organization change, because the world around us has changed. In each case the Parliamentarian speaks for the Rules of the Organization.

I have been the Parliamentarian for much of the last year, since being appointed by the current board.   In that time I have helped the board to conform to New York State Law, our Bylaws, Standing Rules, and Robert’s Rules.   In some cases this has meant changing our process. Sometimes it is as simple as reminding the board, just because we have always done it this way, does not make it right.  Other times, Research is required to show what may happen if we do not adapt.

In the past I have been part of the board of directors at my house of worship, as well as an officer.  I was also President of the Men’s Club. Being on the board gave me a strong understanding of Robert’s Rules, and how to apply them. 

This year I can bring to the Board a Unique mix of outside experience, as well as insider information about ongoing issues.

If Elected I look forward to serving my community,


Candidate: Ann

Position: Board of Directors

Email: ann@tes.org

Scene Name: Ann

Hi everyone, It’s Ann and I am running for reelection to TES’s Board of Directors.

You may know me from my time sitting at the Operations table, representing the Board of Directors at one of our wonderful classes or from TES Fest 2019, where I was Vice Chair.

I have been involved in the Public Scene and TES for over 5 years.  

I was appointed to the TES Board of Directors in the Spring of 2017 to fill a resignation and elected to my own 2-year term in October of 2017. I was appointed to the position of Treasurer in the Fall of 2018 and am now seeking an additional term on the Board. Should I be re-elected I hope to be reappointed by the Board as your Treasurer. 

 As a member of TES’ Board of Directors I do everything I can to support the mission of The Eulenspiegel Society. We have done a lot of work this year to bring us into compliance with our own governing documents and with current NYS Non-Profit Law. We consult with NCSF and the New York Council of Nonprofits when we need assistance with these matters.

As Treasurer I work very closely with TES’ Secretary to ensure we are in compliance with all relevant laws, along with making sure all of TES’s expenses are paid in a timely manner.

Although this is my first-time being Treasurer of TES, in the past I was Treasurer of my Bowling League and of my child’s PTA.

In addition to being Treasurer, I am also Chair of Community Relations and as I stated above, I was previously Chair of the Operations Committee and I was Vice Chair of TES Fest 2019.

Should I be reelected I will continue to do my very best to ensure that you, our membership, have access to places to learn and to play in a safe and consensual atmosphere.

I look forward to seeing you at our Meet the Candidates Night on Tuesday, October 15th where I can answer any questions you may have for me. Hope to see you all then!


Candidate: Infinity

Position: Board of Directors

Email: infinity.rising@yahoo.com

Scene Name: Infinity Rising

Infinity Rising is a gender fluid switch who has been in and out of the public scene in the NYC area for over 10 years.  Infinity has been a TES member for nearly half a decade and has volunteered in a variety of capacities for Both TES and TES FEST.  They currently serve as the Vic Chair for the Socials, Consent R&D, and Founder Care committees. They also ran the TES and TES FEST outreach table at Dark Oddessy Winter Fire in 2019.  They were also the Vic Chair of Vending for TES FEST 2018 and the Chair of Vending in 2019. They also teach and moderate BDSM discussions for a variety of groups in the North East region including SCK, LIL&R/LICK, HVTNG, Dark Oddessy,  Studio 58, among others. Infinity also brings with them over 10 years experience from the corporate world of sales/marketing in the biotechnology sector.