Committee Charters

As the elected representatives of the Membership, the TES Board of Directors takes its role as stewards of the organization seriously, and we strongly value good governance and organizational transparency. The Board is united in the belief that every member should have access not only to us, but to all the rules, policies, and guidelines on which we base our decisions. To that end, while we continue to work round the clock to bring you high quality programming every week, as well as regular parties, munches, and of course, TES Fest, we are also working to review, revise, and make public the documents that govern how TES runs. While this remains an ongoing process, we are very excited to share with you the fruits of our labors so far.

We will continue to make more of these documents available as we are able to go through them. It is our sincere hope that as we are able to share them, not only will our members be better informed about how TES works, but that you’ll be inspired to help us make it run even better!