What’s a TES Meeting Like?

First of all you are never forced to say or do anything at a TES meeting. All TES Board Members and Volunteers strive to create as welcoming and safe an environment as possible. If all you want to do is sit and watch, that’s just fine. There is no dress code. Some people are dressed from work, some are casual, some wear leather or fetish clothes. There are singles as well as couples. All sexual orientations are welcome. Attendance runs from 2 people to 50 depending on the meeting.

TES meets at various locations, however classes are primarily held on Tuesdays online.

The presentation starts at 7:00 PM, at which time the “Board Member on Duty” or “BOD” will make some announcements and welcome everyone. The BOD is one of our 10 elected current members of our Board of Directors or sometimes a Board Member Emeritus.  After the presentation, we take a quick 5-10 minute smoke/bathroom break and rejoin for the famous TES Circle.  TES started in 1971 with a small group of masochists who would get together and talk about their interests in a circle format. We honor that tradition today by putting our chairs in a circle and giving everyone the opportunity to speak their mind, ask questions or just listen.  The presenter usually stays, so it is a great way to continue discussing the class topic.

For more information on TES Circle, please CLICK HERE.