TES Digital Archives


1971 Ratified TES Resolution (PDF)
One of our organization’s original documents, from Sept 26, 1971.

1973 Interview with TES Founder Pat Bond (PDF)
An excerpt from Prometheus #1, published in 1973.


Popping Your Cherry with TES Pamphlet (PDF)
Handout for those new to the scene and TES, with common vocabulary, recommended book list, and related resources. Print double-sided, fold.

TES Pocket Guide to Consent Matters (PDF)
Folded brochure, current version 2.5. Print double-sided, bi-fold, trifold.



Hands only CPR, Instructional Video with Vinnie Jones

Safer SM Guide – Practical guidelines and advice on HIV, HCV and STI prevention within bondage & discipline, dominance & submission and sadomasochism (BDSM) play.

Sexy Heimlich Instructional Video

SM vs. Abuse Policy Statement – Brief guidelines intended to help law enforcement and social services professionals understand the difference between abusive relationships vs. SM. Drafted in 1998 at the second Leather Leadership Conference.

This list is a work-in-progress. If you’d like to suggest a group, please contact us at community@tes.org