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We are TES, a not-for-profit BDSM / Leather / Fetish group dedicated to the social interaction, educational exchange, and ever-changing diversity of our community.

TES Elections 2015

Dear Members,

In accordance with the Bylaws of TES, the TES 2015 Elections will be held on October 6 at TRS, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Floor. TES members who have asked to receive elections materials by mail will be receiving an election packet via USPS soon. Members who have not can download/print the necessary forms and instructions.
2015 TES Ballot (pdf)
2015 Meeting Proxy Form (pdf)

5 of the 9 voting seats on the Board of Directors are being voted on, 4 for a 2-year term each, 1 for a 1-year term. The board members whose terms are ending are: Button, Catelynn, Matt, Ramon, and thrash.
The board members who are continuing in office are: Dov, Gigi, MrDream, and Tom.
Our current Parliamentarian is mj, and our current Arbiter is Spike. Both positions are up for election.
We are happy to announce the following candidates:
For Parliamentarian:
  • mj
For Arbiter:
  • Spike
For the Board of Directors:
  • Alex
  • David Aka KingKong
  • Jinx
  • Matt/Reina's slave
  • Meatcandy (aka Mike/Kitten)
  • Ramon
  • Serena
  • Thrash
Please see below for an important message from Don W, the Chair of the TES Bylaws Committee about the proposed amendment, which will be appearing on the ballot.

A Meet The Candidates Night will take place September 15, at TRS, 40 Exchange Place 3rd floor, from 7:30-10PM. A portion of the meeting will be spent discussing the proposed amendment. Meet the Candidates Night is members-only, so please have your membership card handy upon entry so we can start on time. As always, please consult the our calendar for confirmation of meeting time and location.

Candidate statements from those who have elected to provide them are available below as well as in pdf format for download/print. Ballots and Proxies will be available soon for download. Please follow the instructions on the forms carefully if you plan to mail in your ballots and/or proxies. Mailed ballots and proxies must be received at the TES post office address no later than 72 hours prior to the election.

To recap, important dates:
  • Sept 15, 2015: Meet the Candidates Night
  • October 3, 2015 Deadline for receipt of mailed in ballots and proxies.
  • October 6, 2015: Annual Meeting & Elections
By-Laws Amendment for the October 2015 Membership Meeting and Election
The job of the By-Laws committee, a standing committee, is to:
  • Collect amendment requests;
  • Validate the amendment is workable and doesn't violate NYS or Federal law, nor contradict another part of the By-Laws or the creed;
  • Work with the original author to wordsmith the proposal as necessary; and
  • Present the proposed By-Laws Amendment(s) to the membership for a vote.

The publication of these proposed By-Laws Amendments does NOT constitute an endorsement by either the committee or by the TES board of directors. To be adopted, enough votes must be cast to meet the quorum requirement (10% of the membership eligible to vote). Once quorum is met, an Amendment to the By-Laws must receive 2/3 of the votes cast. Put another way, twice as many people (plus 1) must vote to approve the amendment as vote to reject it.

Please review the proposed amendment below. Your comments are very important to the committee and to the membership. All comments (edited for brevity and clarify) will be posted to the TES Newsletter. Please include your member (card) number and your name or scene name. Anonymous submissions will not be accepted, but your name will be withheld upon request. Please send your comments to Bylaws TES . A brief portion of the Meet the Candidates Night will be devoted to By-Laws Amendments.

Don W., By-Laws Committee chair
2015 By-Laws Amendment
# 46: Non-members shall be introduced at the beginning of the meeting along with their purpose in attending. Attendance by non-members shall require a motion approved by the majority of the board members present at the beginning of the meeting.
Currently, Article VI.8 Notice of Open Board Meetings: reads:
The Board may hold meetings at such times and places as it may, from time to time, determine and shall provide notice of such at least thirty days prior to said meetings. Board meetings will be open to all members.
However, nothing is mentioned about access by non-members (visitors). This By-Law amendment clarifies that by adding the text above. Specifically:
  • Visitors must be announced at the beginning of the meeting along with their reasons for being there.
  • The Board has to pass a motion to allow said visitor or visitors to remain.

TES October 2015 Elections Candidate Statements

For Board of Directors:

I am a TES member , presenter, and volunteer who is stepping up to play a greater role within TES. I want to make service as a volunteer fun and fulfilling. I want TES to continue as an amazing educational organization. I would like to move in the direction of having our own space. If those are goals you share, then I am asking for your vote. Thank you TES for all the great times!


As a Board Member, my primary focus will be to act as facilitator for special projects and initiatives, and as a liaison for creative volunteers with ideas and skill sets that can benefit TES in new and exciting ways. My efforts have always been put towards revitalizing TES as a resource for kinky education and social interaction, and I look forward to furthering this goal at a higher capacity on the Board. Since 2011, I have volunteered in various capacities for various committees, including Membership,Programming, Promotions, Social Activities, Socials, and TES Fest. As a four-year member of Operations, and current Chair, I enjoy fostering a welcoming, safe environment for people walking into TES.

I have also volunteered outside of the committees by initiating and aiding in special projects. In the past two years, I have successfully:

  • established the semi-regular "Popping Your Cherry with TES" class to help bring people (new and experienced) safely into the NYC BDSM scene, with an informational pamphlet (and continue to co-present)
  • designed a TES tri-fold brochure for educational and community outreach and marketing
  • instituted the D/s Society (as co-facilitator of the DM/sw SIG, with the DW/sm SIG)

Special projects like these help bring new energies and solutions to areas of need in the organization and the broader community. Until recently, I was the long-standing Recording Secretary; I am up-to-date on regular Board business and ready to hit the ground running.

Please vote for me, Jinx, and help me continue revitalizing TES!

Matt/Reina's slave

Over the past four years I have had the pleasure of serving TES and our community as a member of the Board of Directors. In that time I have taken on many roles and duties which, if given the opportunity, I hope to continue in the future.

Currently, I serve as the Chair of the TES Fest Committee, which earned approximately $19,000 for TES during the 2015 event; as well as Vice-Chair for the I.T. Committee. I have served as Co-Chair of TES Fest 2012, 2013, and Chair of 2014, which combined earned over $23,000; and have led the acquisition of new equipment and storage to provide long term stability for the event. I have also served as Chair and Vice-Chair of Socials, Chair of I.T., and Chair of Elections.

When I first was elected to the Board, TES was losing members, bleeding money, and was suffering credibility issues within the NYC community. While the organization has made great progress in some of these areas, I am concerned that we may be falling back into our old ways. I feel strongly, that when there are problems, we must never “sweep them under the rug”, but work to correct them and address the concerns of our membership and community. We must not become a clique. We must always embrace the diversity of our community, respect our past, and work toward an active, safe, and vibrant future.

I, once again, respectfully ask for your vote and support.

Warm regards,
Matt/Reina's slave

meatcandy (aka Mike/ Kitten)
Do you want a board that works hard for its members?
Do you want a board that will build additional benefits and recognition for our dedicated volunteers?
Do you want a board that will work hard with US to build a better community?
Do you want a voice for the people who are focused on the future of TES?

If so I respectfully ask for your vote.

Many of you know me as meatcandy, Mike or kitten. After helping out at TES parties, TES classes, TES Fest, organizing and moderating the successful Sadistic Women's Panel Discussion at TES, and representing TES at well-attended events such as Folsom Street East and Long Island Fetish Fair; I've decided to run for the TES Board of Directors.

Because OUR membership deserves a board that is focused on creating fun and exciting experiences for OUR fellow members and volunteers. My only agenda is to keep TES moving forward by being responsive to the needs of OUR members.

If you want to be heard, vote for meatcandy.

Thank you for taking the time to read this:

Like me, you believe in TES and what it stands for and like me, you believe in what it can be. Four years ago, I first ran for the Board because I saw the need for change. Since then, I have worked to make TES more efficient, productive and relevant for the community. I am happy with the progress that has been made, but there is still much to be done.

Over the two years alone, as a TES Board Member I have:
  • Become Membership Director, and revitalized the program with new membership cards, welcome kits, and incentives. In six months, membership increased 65% and is still growing
  • Built custom metal equipment for TES and TES Fest, and established an effective Equipment Crew granting TES independence and potential to do additional events
  • Championed various changes at TES Fest like IgniTES, Open Space, speed dating and hosting a photo shoot for new, hot stock images
  • Continued to champion the Cherry Popping initiative, co-presenting the class to help introduce new people safely into the scene
  • Successfully found a new home for TES, and continue to look for a permanent, owned space
  • Acted as co-facilitator of the Dominant Men/submissive women's SIG and proposed the newly created D/s Society
  • And much, much more

Vote for me, RAMON, and help me continue working to assist TES in better serving you, and the BDSM community.

Dear Fellow TES Members,

My name is serena. I have been a TES member for about 3 ½ years and have volunteered in the Operations committee for almost two years. You probably saw me often behind the Operations table at the old Joria location on 36th Street. I began volunteering less than two months after becoming a TES member and in 2012 I volunteered at 14 consecutive classes. On more than one occasion I managed the setup and breakdown of the class by myself and I introduced the class when the BOD was unavailable. In 2013 I was appointed Chair of the Operations Committee. I enjoyed these opportunities to help TES make their classes a success.

I have recently resumed volunteering at TES classes but I hope to offer more to this wonderful organization. I have worked for almost 10 years as the legal and purchase administrator in a financial firm. I have experience in contract negotiation and expenses management that I believe would be valuable to TES. Years of dealing with sensitive information and managing expenses and contract disputes has allowed me to develop a business-oriented mind that is focused on problem resolution and negotiation of best outcome for all parties involved. I believe this mindset makes me an ideal candidate for the TES Board of Directors.

I would be honored to serve TES and become a part of the history of the oldest BDSM organization on the East Coast.


I have seen some of the best times at Eulenspiegel, made lifelong friends and have so many good memories. I met my wife because of TES, it is part of my family. I have also been witness to some of the lowest points in our history, when it looked like the waves might sink the ship, but I have always seen TES and its membership carry on, move forward and navigate the obstacles. We have gone thru some tough times in our past but have always come back strong.

We are in a time of flux right now, a time of turbulence and a time of change…but this is also a time of opportunity. In this upcoming election the membership of the Eulenspiegel Society will vote to fill five board seats, a majority of the TES Board. I see a great opportunity for change and would like to continue working for you, for TES, and working alongside this new Board, helping lead TES in these anxious and exciting days, taking advantage of opportunities, changing, evolving.

Many of you know me, you've seen me at meetings and parties and TES Fest…OK, you mostly saw me crossdressed as my “twin” sister Antonia at TES Fest, but you know how much I love our kinky organization, how much I have put into TES. Well, TES has given me a lot in return and I want to continue giving back, so please consider voting for me, you know what to expect from me in the future.

Thank you,

TES October 2015 Elections Candidate Statements

For Arbiter:

My name is Richard, sometimes known as Spike. I am running for my second term as TES Arbiter, because I believe that I am well qualified for the position. Professionally, I am an attorney with my own practice concentrating in commercial disputes and insurance law. I also have experience in the areas of civil rights and intellectual property law.

In the kink community, I retired after 5 years as an emeritus board member of Long Island Leather 'n Roses (LILNR), where I am was charge of programming guest presenters for club meetings. I am also a facilitator of Long Island Rope Revival (LIRR). I have presented classes for TES, Dom/sub Friends, LILNR and LIRR and at TES Fest 2014 and 15.

Outside of the kink world, I served as president of a local 300+ member ski club for three years and I have been on the board for more than ten years. I was also the treasurer of a 25 club ski council for three years.

In addition to my professional experience and the positions I have held in the organization and operations of not-for-profit corporations, I possess skills in investigating disputes and crafting ways to solve them. Perhaps even more significant, is that I am willing and capable of making the sometimes difficult decisions that have to be made.

I look forward to again serving as the TES Arbiter and assisting in the continued growth and success of this great organization.

For Parliamentarian:

I have served as the Parliamentarian for the TES board for the past year and I feel as though I have done a more than satisfactory job at ensuring that the meetings run smoothly and efficiently. I believe that I have proven myself to be fair and unbiased and was successful at ensuring that every board member had equal time to speak on whatever issue was on the table. In addition, when there was a decision that needed to be made regarding rules of order, I made thoughtful and impartial decisions regarding what action or actions needed to be taken, if any. I also feel confident that I supported the members whose held the minority opinion and made sure that they were given their fair share of time to speak without having to fight the majority for the floor.

My hope is that you, the members of TES, will vote to give me another opportunity to be of service to this organization that has made such a difference in my life these last 3 ½ years.

Thank you,

TES Fest 2015

Thank you for an amazing

TES Fest is the annual gathering for the BDSM and sex-positive communities to celebrate the steps TES's founders took in 1971: the opportunity to find our freedom. TES Fest is the premiere event in the NYC Metro region for everyone (from amateurs to seasoned veterans) to socialize, learn new skills and simply have a great time. With classes and special events covering the gamut of topics and special interests, TES Fest allows people to explore, educate and entertain themselves in a healthy, safe and sane environment. TES Fest will take place July 2-5, 2015 at a 3.5-star hotel in Piscataway, New Jersey!

For more information, visit now!

Pat Bond and Terry Kolb, founding members of TES have been Inducted into 2015 Leather Hall of Fame.

The Eulenspiegel Society is pleased to announce that The Eulenspiegel Society founder Pat Bond and cofounder Terry Kolb are two of this year's inductees into the Leather Hall of Fame.
The Leather Hall of Fame annually selects honorees who have contributed in a profound way to the world of kink; TES itself became an inductee into the Leather Hall of Fame in 2011.
The Leather Hall of Fame made its decision based on Bond's and Kolb's outstanding personal histories of activism and organization within the BDSM community, such as their early work together executing Bond's vision of a masochism liberation society that eventually became TES.
The membership of TES, as well as its Board of Directors, are so proud that two of our founders are getting well-deserved recognition, and we thank them again for all they have contributed.
The induction ceremony was held in Cleveland on April 26th. The award was brought back and presented to Pat Bond in a ceremony at TES Fest 2015.

Announcing the TES D/s Society

Ever wanted to add an extra touch of class to your lifestyle experience? Have a thing for high protocol and service? If so, then TES is happy to announce the newly formed TES D/s Society!
TES' Dominant Men/submissive women and Dominant Women/submissive men Special Interest Groups have joined forces to bring you a host of classes, small formal dinners, cocktail parties, tea parties and more to teach you how to serve and be served at high protocol pansexual functions.
General Tuesday and Wednesday D/s Society classes will be open to everyone. Events will be limited to TES Members only.
We are looking to gather kinksters interested in attending and especially those interested in serving; Once a core group of skilled high protocol servers is formed, we will all work together to plan a grand gala to put our practice to the test and provide an amazing evening for our community.
If you are as excited about this as we are but are not yet a TES Member, now is the perfect time to join! Receive $10 off all membership prices with the TES Membership Drive, now extended until Sunday, February 8th. Membership applications are available at TES classes, workshops and parties, as well as online at
The TES D/s Society looks forward to serving with you and for you! If you would like your lifestyle experience to include a touch of gracious living and formal service, please join us and stay tuned for future announcements!

Increase in Door Fees for regular classes

The door fees for our regularly scheduled program classes at the new location have changed as of February 1st 2015:
The Member Fee is $5.00
The Student Fee is $10.00
The Reciprocal Group Fee is $10.00
Non-Members Fee is $20.00

We recognize there's a jump in the student fee, but we truly feel our members should be the ones getting the best rate to our classes. Plus, student memberships are always available and pay for themselves in just a few meetings.
If you're not already a member you can save tremendously by joining now during our membership drive making back the fee in as little as 2-3 classes!

TES Needs You!

The Volunteer Committee, needs your help.  We are looking for people with fresh ideas, and new energy to help us aid TES by recruiting, retaining and rewarding volunteers.  Click here to read the full story

TES is also currently looking for:

  • Operations Committee Members
  • and many more positions

click here to read all about it

Download our current calendar in PDF Format


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