Novice & Newcomers Munch

The Novice & Newcomers Munch is held on the second Saturday of every month, and hosted by the SIG co-facilitators Gigi and meatcandy.  These informal “munches” are a chance to get together with fellow kinksters and get to know each other outside of regular TES classes or SM parties.

Munch times and locations will be posted on the event calendar, so STAY TUNED!!!

What is a Munch? We meet at a “vanilla” (non-BDSM), yet alternative lifestyle friendly, diner in NYC.  You can just walk in and head to the back room of the diner or tell the person at the register that you are “with TES” and they will bring you to us.  We usually get a crowd of 30 – 40 people which includes some long time TES Members and Friends mixed in.  You can come at any time and pull up a chair, sit down and order a snack or some dinner and either make some new friends or just sit and listen to the conversation.  That’s up to you.

When there is not party to head out to, the munch can go overtime at the diner.  Otherwise, at 10:30 pm those who would like may join the Hosts and head over to the TES party. Once there, Gigi and meatcandy will be on hand to answer any questions you might have and you can watch or participate as you desire.

What do I wear? It really varies.  At the diner, everyone should be in “vanilla” clothes, so as not to disturb anyone not with our group.  If there is a party that night, many people wear casual clothes and bring their party clothes to change into at the party location, or wear what they plan to wear that night and just “cover it up” a bit.  While it’s perfectly acceptable to be a little flashy (after all this is NYC) you’ll probably feel most comfortable changing at the club or party if you plan on wearing full fetish gear!

Remember… don’t be shy, we’re here to help!  If you have any further questions, please email us at