Dominant Men/submissive women

The Dominant Men / submissive women Special Interest Group (DM/sw SIG) was created to support and explore the ideas and needs of Dominant Men and submissive women who are looking to explore, discuss and understand their kinky interests. This group includes men and women engaged in Master/slave, Owner/property and other such power exchange relationships.

The DM/sw SIG hosts meetings on a wide variety of different topics, and also organizes special social events. Meetings can be in the format of a lecture, panel discussion or demonstration, or a combination of these formats. Sometimes voluntary audience participation is part of the class. Active participation in the meeting is not required. You can attend and observe or ask questions of the meeting presenter. Classes and workshops have been held on spanking, flogging, wax play, mummification, spirituality and sexuality, power exchange, protocol, ritual, and many others.

The current DM/sw SIG is currently in need of a Facilitator or Facilitators.  Please contact and if interested.  Please contact with ideas for topics and presenters, as well as social activities. Please also join the TES Dominant Men / submissive women Group on FetLife for events, further discussion, and more.

The DM/sw SIG classes are open to anyone who wishes to attend and learn about the topic at hand. The SIG’s purpose is to create a welcoming and open space for Dominant Men and submissive women to learn about and explore relevant topics. If you choose to attend a class and do not identify as a Dominant Man or submissive woman, please be respectful of the space and intention of the meeting.

If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact either of the co-facilitators.


If you would like to see a certain topic, class, or presenter, please contact the SIG Co-Facilitators with your ideas!