Hypnokink Group

The Hypnokink Special Interest Group is devoted to exploring hypnosis and kink in a way that respects agency and honesty, through the use of concepts of BDSM including Risk Aware Consensual Kink with explicit negotiation. We meet monthly and teach concepts and techniques to bring hypnosis into your kinky toolbag.


As you may have heard, FetLife, the most popular kink social media site, has recently, under pressure from credit card companies, removed a lot of user content. This has included deleting a lot of hypnosis-related material, including everything in any group with “Hypnosis” in the title.

Since this happened, members of the hypnokink community have been in touch with the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom. The NCSF has voiced support for the hypnosis community, and we’re currently working together to ensure that hypnosis is widely regarded as consensual and mutually beneficial as any other kinky activity.

Even though hypnosis is currently searchable on FetLife, and groups are limited, there are lots of other resources you can use, such as HypNation http://www.hypnation.org, and various Tumblr blogs, including the TES Hypnokink Group and https://recreational-hypnosis-resource.tumblr.com. More resources will be available as we move forward. 

If you have any questions at all about erotic hypnosis, or need for any other resources, please reach out to us!



May 24: TES Hypnokink Group Presents: Induction Masterclass

June 21: TES Hypnokink Group: Setting Your Subjects Up for Success with sex-obsessed-lesbian