Standing Rules

Standing Rules

Standing Rules are subject to change, addition, modification or removal by a simple majority of the Board of Directors of The Eulenspiegel Society (TES).


Organizational Rules

  1. The Board of Directors is responsible for all aspects of TES, including organizing and conducting TES functions. This includes but is not exclusive to: arranging for space, notifying members, selecting topics of discussion or presentation, assisting at parties and special functions and collections of monies.
  2. A member of the Board of Directors or a designated representative is required to be at each gathering of TES.
  3. At the beginning of each regularly scheduled non-business meeting of TES, a member of the Board of Directors, or a designated representative, will present the evening’s announcements as outlined in “How to Begin a Meeting”.
  4. Barring special situations, the TES Board of Directors meets monthly.
  5. Every member of The Eulenspiegel Society has the right to address the Board of Directors at a regularly scheduled meeting of the said body. Unless so advised by the Parliamentarian, when a TES member wishes to address the Board of Directors, they must add their name on a ‘Members Speak’ list. Although the agenda of these meetings is at the discretion of the Parliamentarian and the Board of Directors, this “Members Speak section” will generally commence after the reading of the minutes of the prior TES Board (or Membership) meeting(s) as applicable. At the Parliamentarian’s discretion, other members or speakers will be allowed to address the Board of Directors whenever appropriate or when they are given recognition by a member of the Board of Directors during the Board Member’s apportioned time to speak.
  6. TES members attending meetings and functions will be given a membership discount (when applicable), only if presenting a current membership card or at the discretion of the Board Member on Duty or Operations staff.
  7. The Standing Rules must be present at all Board and Membership Meetings in printed form. Upon revision, all versions must be updated before the next Board Meeting.
  8. Board Members are expected to attend at minimum 3 TES Functions per month, including the monthly Board Meeting. Board Members unable to meet this commitment are expected to provide prior notice to the remaining Board of Directors.
  9. Board Members should not miss consecutive Board Meetings, outside of extenuating circumstances. Prior notice of absence is required, to be forwarded to the Parliamentarian and the Secretary.   
  10. All reports of incidents or concerns regarding TES should be communicated to any current member of the Board who will then share the concern with the remainder of the Board no later than the next regular Board Meeting, if official action is requested.
  11. Anyone with access to sensitive or personally identifiable information must get written approval, by vote of the current Board of Directors, prior to disseminating said information.
  12. All TES rules regarding harassment are extended to social media and other online forums (public and private). Harassment includes but is not limited to gaslighting, flaming, trolling, and blackmailing. This shall not be construed as a restriction of legitimate and respectful critique of organizational policies or actions.
  13. Any grievance or issue should be brought to TES through the proper channels, as determined by the TES Bylaws, and the privacy of grievance cases is protected. 
  14. Executive session is restricted to the current TES Board of Directors and is to be utilized solely for the discussion of matters which must be kept confidential. During the course of executive session, the Board of Directors, by vote of present majority, reserves the right to invite participation by others for relevant discussion for part or all of executive session.
  15. In order to comply with Section 715 of the New York Not-for-Profit Corporation Law, the board of directors of The TES Association Inc. (“TES”) adopts the following Standing Rules:
    • All contracts or other transactions between TES and one or more of its directors, officers or employees, or between TES and any other corporation, firm, association or other entity in which one or more of its directors, officers or employees have a substantial financial interest, shall be brought to the board of directors for discussion and approval. The proposal shall be made in the form of a motion detailing the transaction and the involvement of the director, officer or employee. The following procedures must be followed:
      • The interested director shall not be permitted to vote as to the entry into said contract or transaction.
      • The interested director shall not be permitted to participate in discussion or even be in the room regarding said contract or transaction except for the purpose of explanation of the proposed contract or transaction.
      • The vote to approve said contract or transaction must be a majority of directors present, whether actually or by proxy, and eligible to vote.
      • This interested director does count as present for purposes of quorum for the vote authorization such contract or transaction.
      • Secretary shall maintain records of said contracts or transactions, including those showing that the contract or transaction is fair and reasonable, including records regarding competitive bids or reasons why no competitive bids were obtained, etc.
      • Said rules shall not apply to reimbursement of ordinary and regular TES expenses laid out by directors.
  16. In addition to Rule 15 stated above, the Board of Directors extends its Conflict of Interest Policy to include any proposed motion directly naming a specified Board Member or other significant personal conflict. Such Members are expected to recuse themselves from discussion and vote as outlined in the above procedures. Failure to abide by this policy may result in removal from the Board of Directors.
  17. From adoption of this rule (December 12th, 2019), no piece of Board business may be tabled for more than three months at a time.

TES Function Rules

  1. All TES functions are 18+ events.  All minors will be refused entry, including infants.
  2. All activity must be consensual at all TES functions. All attendees agree not to touch, harass, or perform any activity with someone else without obtaining prior explicit permission.
  3. TES Circle is confidential. No recording is permitted including audio, video, or written methods.  
  4. All persons attending TES functions are to be treated with respect and consideration at all times.
  5. No audio or video recording is permitted at TES meetings or functions unless permission is given in advance by the TES Board of Directors or its designee.
  6. The taking of pictures, audio, or video recording is only allowed with the consent of a Member of the Board or their designated representative for an event and any and all people who could be recorded in any manner. Any audio, video, or sound recording taken in this manner is subject to immediate review by the approving authority and featured persons. Objection by any of the reviewers is grounds for immediate deletion of said media. Violations of this policy shall be subject to sanctions up to and including revocation of membership, expulsion from the event, and full ban from all TES functions. Some TES events may have event specific rules which supercede this rule, such as TES Fest.
  7. No recreational drugs or smoking are permitted at TES meetings or functions. Unless explicitly permitted, no alcohol is allowed at TES meetings or functions.  Attendees perceived as being under the influence of alcohol or illicit drugs will be removed.
  8. Prior approval by the Board of Directors or its representatives must be obtained for any commercial transaction for goods or services at TES functions. TES supports all community businesses and service providers complying with this rule.
  9. Live animals and non-human pets are prohibited, with the exception of ADA-protected service animals, in accordance with local, state, and federal guidelines.
  10. All participants of TES functions are expected to follow the rules as stated and posted. If anything is unclear or of concern, please speak with an attending Board or Staff Member.  
  11. At a function, incidents or concerns should be directed to the Board Member on Duty, TES Staff, or other designated representative of TES.
  12. Attendees may be removed from a function or event at the discretion of TES Board Members or TES Staff. Attendees removed from an event are not entitled to a refund.

Revised and Ratified 12/12/19