2018 TES Elections Ballot & Proxy Form

Download your 2018 Election Ballot here:
TES 2018 Election Ballot
Follow the directions on the ballot to vote for candidates for the Board of Directors, Parliamentarian, and Arbiter. DO NOT write anything on your ballot except to mark the boxes next to the candidates for whom you wish to vote.

Download your 2018 Proxy Form here:
TES 2018 Proxy Form & Instructions
Follow the directions on the first page to submit your Proxy to count towards quorum at the Membership Meeting on October 23, 2018 and to participate in any issues that may arise during the meeting. DO NOT use your Proxy to vote for the Board of Directors, Arbiter, or Parliamentarian. Remember to fill in your membership number where indicated and put your signature on the bottom before you submit your Proxy.

Put your membership number in the return address on the envelope you use to mail your Proxy and/or Ballot.

View the 2018 Candidate Statements here.