OUTING & CONFIDENTIALITY – General Policy Statement

Our policy is that no one should be outed in any venue for any reason without the express permission of that person. Outing someone as a result of anger, hurt, or in an attempt to embarrass and humiliate is a danger for everyone in the community. Knowing that anyone can be “outed” will discourage others from freely being able to express their needs and desires and thereby putting distrust in the Leather Community. The whole idea of TES is to allow people to freely express their feelings and desires in a safe place without fear of retribution. Everyone has their own reasons for not wanting their private lives out in the open. We must respect their wishes. Someone’s livelihood or family life could be in jeopardy if this occurs. Confidentiality is the cornerstone of our organization. We expect our members to abide by this policy.


We want TES to be a “safe space” for our members and guests, so we have developed these Rules of Etiquette. We expect all members and quests to follow them. We believe they will help you fit in and establish successful relationships with the people at TES.

1. Treat other people with respect and consideration at all times. Get to know them as you would in any other social situation. Don’t assume that the only worthwhile outcome of attending is a sexual encounter.

2. First names and pseudonyms are usually used at TES. Everyone’s personal identity is confidential, so avoid using all last (or real) names in meetings and pseudonyms in non-scene settings.

3. Never touch anyone, their equipment, or belongings without permission.

4. No soliciting for sexual services is allowed.

5. Don’t smoke, drink alcohol or use drugs at TES meetings. If you come to a function under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be asked to leave.

6. No penetration, oral sex or exchanging of body fluids is ever allowed at TES meetings or functions.

7. No scenes are allowed during a meeting, unless it’s on the program or requested by the speaker or group leader.

8. At meetings, raise your hand if you have a question or comment
when someone else is speaking, so you may be recognized by the
speaker or group leader.

9. The Board of Directors is responsible for supervising all TES
functions. The Board, or their designated agents, will stop any
scene they consider to be unsafe.

10. Use your common sense.

Members or guests who violate these rules, or behave in a manner inconsistent with TES Creed may be asked to leave.